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Kristal Heredia is a Latina digital entrepreneur who has grown her brand from the ground up. She prides herself on the strong knit community she has cultivated through her self-love and body positivity movement! Her purpose is to help women love themselves while simultaneously taking back their power! Her work does not stop there. She has partnered up with many reputable brands to bring awareness and be a voice for curvy women all over the world! You can view her work on Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest and TikTok.

Before infiltrating the industry in the most positive way, She was just a girl sharing her passions out of Connecticut. Born into a family of all boys, having three older brothers truly molded her into the strong leader she is. She has created a solution based business within her own content and also her Talent Agency where she has prioritized diversity and inclusivity. She is a voice that will never go un-wavered and her main goal is to always prioritize showing up and being that representation she so badly needed growing up. As Kristal leans into motherhood, she is actively leaving her mark on social media to create a world in which her daughter can see herself proudly represented in the media.

LATINA Content Creator,
& SELF LOVE Advocate

Mujeres Social TALENT Agency

inclusive and diverse talent agency

Mujeres Social Talent Agency was founded in 2021 by Kristal Heredia. Our agency oversees social medias leading talent. Through genuine relations with our community and creators, we have established one of the most diverse and inclusive spaces. Mujeres Social has been cultivated by a woman for women.

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